Men’s Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Men’s Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Just like the standard short sleeve t-shirts, their longer sleeve counterparts also come in wide variety of colors and patterns. They are generally accepted as the ideal base of winter casual outfit especially when paired with a hoodie or jacket. In many respects, they are similar to sweater in terms of form factor and style but much more lightweight and breathable. Because these are simply the longer-sleeved versions of standard t-shirts, some can also wear it even during warmer seasons; due to their skin-friendly and breathability characteristics, regular and oversized long sleeve t-shirts are probably the most versatile casual collection that can go either bold or neutral.

Phoenix OversizedLongsleeve Shirts for Men

Brief History

Back in the days before our parents were born, a T-shaped garments were just about getting popular as daily wear. Originally made from silk or wool, the shape did resemble the letter T; the sleeves made the top horizontal line, and the body represented the vertical line in the center. Intended as undergarments, they came into the more acceptable piece of fashion scene in the beginning of 20th century. Following World War II, it was common to see veterans wearing T-shirts and uniform trousers. T-shirts finally achieved its status as being fashionable in the 1950s, partly because Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire. Boys all over the country began to wear the same outfit while playing outside or helping their mothers wash the dishes; afterwards, T-shirts have been internationally yet unofficially approved as universal casual stand-alone outwear clothing. As more variations appeared over time, long sleeve T-shirts made their way into the scene as well.

Layering Style

 One thing that makes long sleeve T-shirts popular as all-season outfit is their ability to bring seemingly endless possibility of combination with other casual wear collections. You can play with many colors and graphics to come up with distinctive style and stand out from the crowd. For the basic styling option, you can wear a long sleeve T-shirt without any layering at all. There are more than enough color combinations, like for example our Beige, Grey or Olive Oversized Longsleeve Shirt, patterns, and graphics for you to choose, making it easy to speak out your message and personality. Remember that the color variations are similar to those of the standard sleeve ones. Take what you want and what you need; there is plenty to go around.

If you decide to wear it without any layering, it is best to go with graphical or multicolor options. Graphics, patterns, and multiple colors give strong sense of personality and boldness. A couple of examples from Phoenix Clothing should give you an idea why long sleeve is an easy-going versatile garment.

The biggest merit from plain long sleeve t-shirt is that you can pair it with almost everything from jacket, hoodie, and even short sleeve T-Shirt. In case you are experimenting with layers, you can use graphic T-shirt over a long sleeve one; if both are made from breathable materials, there is no problem wearing it in the summer too. As long as the colors are properly combined, and you match them with skinnier pair of jeans, no one will dispute your youthful vibrant spirit. Our Oversized Longsleeve Shirts have a big plus, because the layer effect has even more impact!


Subtle color combinations between jacket and long sleeve t-shirt underneath can improve the appearance easily. It is perfect for a night out, having fun with your friends, and even going for a walk with your loved one. There is nothing showy or flashy with the outfit; the combination creates an understated comfort. If you think you’re in for adventurous evening, this Black Bomber Jacket can be the perfect companion to keep you warm and stylish all night long. The color is neutral, meaning you can team it with almost every pattern and color option from a long sleeve t-shirt. When you think the time is right and the plan is set, even a Lone Wolf Parka Jacket is perfectly acceptable and more.

Avoid Complicated Styles

In many cases, a long sleeve T-shirt is fine on its own without the added layer of jacket or another shirt. Some designs bring enough crowds to your style that you don’t need any assistance from more tops. Simplicity is sometimes the best complication, and there is no chance of clashing color or uncomfortable sweating. When you only want to put something on without looking like a mess, long sleeve T-Shirt is always at your service.

A simple two-color combination in raglan sleeve is an all-time classic, and long sleeve T-shirt strengthens this popular style. With the right pair of jeans and small accessories, even a plain color without graphics of any sort is enough to get you by. These two from Phoenix Clothing say it all in fashionable manner:

Phoenix Oversized Baseball-Long Sleeve Shirt Grey Black
Phoenix Oversized Baseball Long Sleeve Shirt

With the variety of options and possibility of combinations, regular and oversized long sleeve T-Shirts are likely the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your arsenal. They are casual, but not as informal as their short sleeve brothers; they are warm, but not as restrictive as sweater and they are modern, but not as sophisticated as a formal shirt. You can go classic with the baseball-raglan or the more distinctive pattern; wear any as stand-alone outwear or make it the base of your jacket. Once again, many different styles of jackets are available from Hoodie to Bomber and Parka.

Phoenix Crew Men's Longsleeve Shirt
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Phoenix Clothing has been around since 2009. Based in Germany, the brand came into existent with the motivation to represent modern fashionable blend between street wear, music, and distinguishable styles but still without leaving sophistication in the manufacturing process. Phoenix clothes and accessories are created for free lifestyle and everyday street occasions, but each one is professionally created to bring you comfort and confidence. They offer Men’s Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Longline T-Shirts, Biker Denim Pants, Bomber Jackets, 5-Panel Caps and many more.

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