Mens Longline T-Shirts

Men’s Longline T-Shirts

Flawless fit has been the key to stylish look for every fashionable person whether in casual or strict formal setting. It does not matter if you are wearing ripped jeans of the fanciest suit you have, slim look and the image of tailored pieces are the most acceptable design in the entire menswear industry sine long time ago. Fuller regular cuts are also available for the masses, and it never really get true attentions, at least until the recent years when streetwear began to take on its more mainstream counterparts. Longline t-shirts or also called long tees, are versatile and comfortable.

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Styling Guides for longline tees

Oversized, or commonly referred to as long-line and tall top, may appear cumbersome at first because it is difficult to find appropriate combination and the right occasion for that. To make things easier, here are some styling guidelines:

  • Do not simply oversize everything: oversized shirt does not have to go with oversized leg wear. You need to make a contrasting look by combining it with slim fit bottom for example biker jeans. If you oversize the entire outfits, you will create outdated look of the 90s; this is not something you want.
  • Casual only: put in mind that longline t-shirts are intended to be casual garments. Classic slim cut is still preferable for formal occasions. A longline tee is contemporary and fashionable as streetwear, not as formal attire.
  • Simplicity in mind: details are good in some cases, but not on longline t-shirts. There can be simple details such as bold characters, scoop neck, or side zip. Plain colors are good, but sometimes you can incorporate stripes as well. For a layer look, the best combination is either sweater or checker shirt, as pictured below. Oversized t-shirts make statements on their own, so it is not necessary to over complicate things. Layer look is acceptable, as long as they are comprised on the right pieces.
  • Confidence: the most important of them all is how you feel. Wear your clothes with pride and confidence, and everything should be fine. Remember that an oversized t-shirt will be longer than your typical outfit; if you constantly trying to pull the hemline, you can do better with the regular fit.
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